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Our chosen charity

Our founder, Vicci Butler and her husband have been involved with our chosen charity since 2004.

The Emasithandane Children’s Project in Nyanga, Cape Town is the chosen charity of organise-us.

The children at Emasi have been orphaned by losing their parents to AIDS and some have been left homeless and vulnerable through other unfortunate family circumstances. Emasi is located in Nyanga, one of the poorest townships in Cape Town (for those of you who have visited, just as you exit the airport). There is high unemployment and crime is rife, it is absolutely essential that these children are nurtured in a caring environment where they can be loved, clothed, fed and educated. The hope is that being brought up in this safe environment will encourage them to make good choices and be able to make the most of positive opportunities in their adult lives to support themselves.

The children at Emasi are so very fortunate that one woman, Mama Zelphina Maposela opened her home to the first children at Emasi having promised their dying parents that she would not allow them to be homeless. She now has up to 55 children living with her in a small dwelling and yard. There are a number of part time helpers volunteers. The children live with Mama in a small space but are cheerful and help to care for each other as one big family. The boys have a soccer team and they play in a social league.

There is however no sustained source of income for the charity and they rely on donations and live a very meagre existence.

We aim to give a donation to the charity annually and so when you buy any product from us you are making a contribution to them.

I have included several photos from visits to the Orphanage and also a link to their website in the event that you would like to learn more or make a further donation to them.

Best Wishes,

Vicci Butler